Dancing On Ice – ITV

Backstage at Dancing On Ice SEAMS is the chosen Hand Cream. Figure skaters hands are constantly taking a bashing, the cold and wet from the ice dampens causes the skin to become chapped and sore. As soon as the skin splits the moisture gets deep into the layers of the skin causing it to crack even further, and become extremely painful. SEAMS natural ingredients help heal, moisturise, soften and protect skin. Fragonia Oil and Vitamin E helps Heal, Shea Butter moisturises, a special blend of Macadamia and Rosehip Oils soften skin and Beta-Glucan protects. All in a non-greasy formula, paraben free and Made In UK   "Love SEAMS Hand Cream I have really dry hands and it has helped me so much, my hands already feel better" Melody Le Moal Figure Skater Dancing On Ice   "The best smelling Hand Cream ever. I'm a big fan my eczema has improved since using SEAMS" Brianne Delcourt Figure Skater Dancing On Ice     "I love SEAMS" Daniel Whiston Figure Skater Dancing On Ice   Into the hands of - Ale Izquiredo Figure Skater Dancing On Ice   "Top Hand Cream to keep my hands soft and moisturised" Hamish Gaman Figure Skater Dancing On Ice

ITV Studios London Television Centre

Backstage at Lorraine IVT London Studio's SEAMS Hand Cream looks after hands in Make-up and Wardrobe Kate Garraway enjoying a relaxing SEAMS Hand Massage before morning TV. Keeping hands in comfort at Loose Women used by celebrity make-up artists "I never go anywhere without this amazing Hand Cream" Bryony Blake Good Morning Britain "Its really different, and made my hands feel soft straight away, I love the scent" Looking after hands in make-up with Gemma Field Make-Up Artist ITV Fun day with SEAMS in make-up Karen J. Gerrard Founder SEAMS Hand Cream

The Umbrella Academy – Netflix

"Holy Moly amazing Hand Cream. We loved it on The Umbrella Academy. I love SEAMS". Linda Preston Make-up department

A Series Of Unfortunate Events – Netflix

"We love SEAMS Hand Cream, we thoroughly enjoy using it" Rita Ciccozzi - Make-up & hair

Good Morning Britain ITV

"I absolutely love SEAMS Hand Cream. It's easy to carry around. The right size to take on holiday too. It leaves my hands feeling so moist, soft and smooth, healing and sealing any cuts or sores on my hands and nails. Especially in the cold winter months. It does all this and without feeling greasy or leaving a residue on anything you touch after application. A must have! Helen Hand Celebrity Make-up artist with Kate Garraway TV Presenter Good Morning Britain ITV

Cover Shoots

Looking after models and make-up artists with Emma White Turl  

Beyond Season 2 ABC Network

Backstage in Make-up we are proud to be the hand care at Beyond Season 2 

Salvation USA Network

The extremely talented Tamara Harrod Hair Designer Film & TV, currently working on the CBS series Salvation has told us that and that the cast and crew love it. Jacqueline Byers actress on Salvation has been enjoying SEAMS Hand Massages and sent us this image of her hand holding SEAMS before filming.

SUITS Season 7 USA Network

Dude Hill Actor Suits USA Network had specifically requested SEAMS to be used on his hands before every take we were delighted, and he has told us that its the only hand cream to help his skin condition Ashy Hand.

CBS Psych The Movie

Julia Bors -Dollinger Make-up Artist currently working on Psych The Movie says “ In film we use many harsh products like 99% brush cleaner along with always washing our hands frequently that our hands get dry very easily. SEAMS is so perfect for this business where you want something to melt into hands quickly, won’t be greasy and when dealing with very expensive clothes on actors I’m not worried about oil transfer! SEAMS is a staple in my set bag”