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Karen J.- On Skin Care

Karen J. columnist and skin care expert writes beauty around the world

Anti-ageing Skincare for Health & Wellbeing Magazine

I only ever recommend products that I personally use and as I have sensitive skin I can't use retinol or stronger solutions, but here are my favourites as requested by Health & Wellbeing magazine. It's good to have a break from your regular products as skin likes a change, but whatever you choose use it twice a day, nothing will work if it stays on the bathroom shelf! Drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated and remember to look after your hands they are the true indicators of our age! Karen J.

Mail Online – What Do Royals Hands Say About Their Personalities and Lifestyles

That Prince Charles grips others hands tightly when meeting them  only reinforces that he is kind, caring and interested in others. The Duchess of Cornwall has some age-spots but they are of a light tone she almost certainly looks after her hands with hand cream! Read More: MailOnline  

The Damaging Effects Of Blue Light On Our Skin

Puzzled if your skin looks like it's been exposed to the sun, when you  haven't actually left the house? Beware! It could be a blue light tan from the light emitted from your computer or device.. Read More The damaging effects of blue light on our skin Female First

How To Prevent Ageing Hands for MSN Lifestyle

When it comes to skin care regimes most of us invest time in preventing wrinkles on the face and neck, but what about our hands? As we get older the hands are one of the first places to develop age spots and lines, with the thinner becoming thinner. Read my top tips in MSN Lifestyle magazine for keeping hands in optimum condition - How To Prevent Ageing Hands

How To Get A Radiant Glow Whilst On-The-Go

Whilst going to the gym exercises our hearts and tones our bodies, it also has a glowing effect on our skin, blood circulation is increased which helps arteries to open up, allowing more blood to reach the surface delivering nutrients to speed up collagen production, but too much of a good thing is never good for us, high impact training such as running outside can have the opposite effect - read my tips on how to care for your skin whilst exercising - Female First How To Get A Radiant Glow Whilst On-The-Go  

FEMALE FIRST – Best Foot Forward- For Tip Top Toes – Words Karen J. Gerrard

Whilst it is obvious to use foot cream at night on sore feet, moisturising in the morning will keep the skin supple for the day ahead. Feet love 'em or hate 'em they walk us around the world, and take the full impact of our body day in day out, so our feet should have TLC all year round, but furthest from our eyes many of us only pay attention to our toes when the sun and candles come out. For tip top toes read here - Female First Best Foot Forward  


Beauty is not just about how we look but also how we feel, skin is the largest organ in our body and plays an important part in our barrier and immune systems. Keep your skin soft and supple for comfort and wellbeing.

Vows and Venues – Have Perfectly Smooth Hands On Your Wedding Day

You will always remember your wedding day, the dress, the venue, the flowers but the first touch of your husbands hand will be implanted in your memory forever. Hands have the ability to transmit emotions from love to pain. The human touch triggers the release of oxytocin aka 'the love hormone' in our brain, which is the most recognised form of touch. Read more -  Vows and Venues Have Perfectly Smooth Hands On Your Wedding Day

BEYOND FABULOUS – Janey Meets SEAMS Karen J. Gerrard

I've always loved a good hand cream and as we get older our skins thin, we need a really effective one. I was introduced to the magical SEAMS Hand Cream and was so impresses I got in touch with their founder Karen to chat beauty, business and ageing with style! Read more - Beyond Fabulous Janey Meets  Karen J.  

BRITISH TELECOM – 6 Easy Tips To Age-Proof Your Hands

"We can't stop the ageing process but we can slow it down. The key to this is by moisturising morning, noon and night with SEAMS Hand Cream. Morning to keep your skin soft, supple and protected, midday to smooth and soothe dry skin and give your hands a boost in whatever they are doing, at night to aid the healing process, skin heals when you sleep and it's probably the only time your hands get time off!" Read more - 6 Easy Tricks To Age-Proof Your Hands