UNSUNG HERO AT LONDON FASHION WEEK It seems fitting that a hand cream that was developed in the fashion industry and created in a couturier's studio, has become an unlikely backstage hero at London Fashion Week. Spotted backstage at Nicholas Kirkwood, Jasper Conran, TOPSHOP Unique and OSMAN, this bowl of hand creams was there for the teams of hard-working models, make-up artists and hairdressers, so they could give their hands some much needed TLC. Seams Hand Cream is one of the most nourishing treats for hands you will ever find. The tube is deceptive - with simple lettering on a plain white background, but the ingredients give it its star quality. It is a clever lend of Shea butter, Macadamia nut oil, Garden cress, Keratin, Fragonia and Glycerine. I have used this myself - in fact, it's the current hand cream of choice in my bedside table drawer - and it's one of the best I've tried. Elsa's Bargin Beauty Blog Seams Hand Cream £9.50 Click here -  


CRACKED HANDS DITCH: Working too hard FOR: Soft, smooth hands Show your hands the finer things in life with this non-greasy moisturiser. It absorbs quickly and feels a damn sight better than dry, sore digits. Seams Hand Cream.

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Seams Hand Cream "This non-greasy formula is spot on for busy crafters, especially when working with fabric - definitely one for your workbench!" Rianna Fry, Deputy Editor

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WHITE NOW By Sarah Barclay SEAMS HAND CREAM Originally created to keep the hands of seamstresses in a couturier's studio in top condition, contains natural ingredients and absorbs super quickly.

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I am extremely conscious about my face and hands - especially my hands.  A face may launch a thousand ships but if your hands look as if you've washed a thousand ships you're on a hiding to nowhere. This non-greasy cream was originally created for a fashion designer's studio and is touch safe when handling fabric. My hands are incredibly soft and it doesn't matter if I touch my clothes after applying it, there is no residue.

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Seams is featured as one of Hello's favourite hand creams.


GLUM MUMS Sore chapped mummy hands! Trying to make sure our hands are constantly germ free when touching our newborn, yet changing nappies and washing bottles every 2 seconds with no time to don the gloves! When my daughter was first born my hands were almost raw. I decided to test out loads of hand creams to see if any of them could heal my chapped hands. Here are the top results: SEAMS Hand Cream originally designed for seamstresses at fashion shows to ensure smooth skin on the fabrics, this hand treatment is designed to be intense and restorative and deliver long lasting hydration. The light non-greasy formula absorbs fast and will leave no residue on baby. Fragonia Oil gives anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection, Shea butter protects and nourishes. Macadamia Nut Oil improves suppleness and softens, Garden Cress evens skin tone and fades and prevents age spots. Keratin strengthens nails, and glycerine helps heal burns, bites and cuts. This cream smells lovely and does the job it claims to. Nice consistency, medium thick but not greasy. Really moisturising on chapped hands. Handbag friendly tube.  

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FASHION PRO Seams was created by Karen J Gerrard, who needed an affordable hand cream while at fashion college (hands take quite a weathering in fashion design). It has antibacterial properties, helps strengthen nails and cuticles and soothes minor skin irritations.

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With winter fast approaching, this is one product that has earned status among the contents of our handbag(s). Not only will the cream moisturise, strengthen and protect your skin and nails, but the non-greasy formula will also help heal and soothe cold-weather-induced skin irritations. No wonder this little tube is a backstage staple for so many designers and it could be yours for under £10! Jess Edwards, lifestyle editor Click here 

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We have to hand it to Karen J Gerrard; her new beauty product is fast becoming our handbag hero. Wind, rain and central heating have began to wreak their annual revenge on our poor hands, but SEAMS, with its ultra -light formula and unique blend of ingredients is breathing life back into our thirsty skin. Dubbed 'invisible mending for hands and nails', the cream was developed for use in a couturiers studio, and tested backstage at London Fashion Week. It is so easily absorbed that you can touch delicate fabric straight after using it... perfect for when you get your hands on those new season buys. Grab yours before you start cracking up.