Crafters Hands

Our hands are our biggest tool to put into action what the mind wants to create, but hours of crafting takes a toll on our hands the constant washing touching of porous materials dries out the hands, dry skin can catch on fabrics, use of cleaning liquids and glazes irritates the skin making hands painful and difficult to work with. Repetition causes injuries such as stiffness, aching muscles which can turn into Carpel Tunnel where fingers go numb and make working impossible. Regular use of SEAMS Hand cream will help heal any paper cuts and pinpricks whilst moisturising, softening and protecting skin and strengthening nails. Non-greasy SEAMS will not transfer onto fabrics.




Thrifty Stitcher 3

“SEAMS Is the least greasy hand cream I have ever used, when I’m hemming by hand I pop on some SEAMS Hand Cream and pass the thread over my hand, I keep SEAMS on my work bench”
Claire-Louise Hardy Thrifty Stitcher – Costumier, Sewing Teacher, Great British Sewing Bee, Wardrobe ITV.

“I am using SEAMS all the time, it is really good and the smell is beautiful,it has helped restore the cuts on my fingers”
Augustine Toscano –  Head Seamstress Selfridges London

Cindy Lass needlepoint

“We use SEAMS Hand Cream all the time, kept our hardworking hands moisturised at The Kniting & Stitching Show”
Cindy Lass Cindy –  Lass Needlepoint

Sew News

“A sewists’ new best friend!”
Sew News Magazine

Chloe Haywood London 2

“This chilly weather works havoc to my dry hands whilst working with up cycled cashmere, thank goodness I have my tube of SEAMS to rescue me whilst I work with fabrics, it really doesn’t leave a residue”.
Chloe Haywood –  London Milliner

St Leonards modern goods 4

“Revelling in the wonderful aroma of SEAMS which is helping my hands get to grips with vegetanned leather and tools”
K Avery –  Designer and shopkeeper leather goods, St Leonards Modern Goods.

“A lovely product helping to keep my busy working hands in good condition”.
May Martin Sewer, Judge on The Great British Sewing Bee

W South Beach

“This cream is the best I’ve used it works!”
Seamstress – W Hotel South Beach, Miami 

Twan Lentjes Creations

“I love SEAMS Hand Cream especially when sewing. Slip stitching the tartlet for my tudor costume”.
Than Lentes –  Costume Designer

Girl Friday embroidery 2

Girl Friday Embroidery

“An actual miracle worker for my hands”.
Dawn Friday – Creator of freemotion embroidery, drawing in stitches.

“It seems to have sealed my cuticles, and smoothed over the little nicks and cuts I have from pinning and hand sewing, especially on my fingertips. The texture is great, non-greasy and easily absorbed. The scent is very subtle and pleasant, I use SEAMS particularly after washing my hands – it makes a difference indeed. My colleagues and myself love SEAMS Hand Cream”.
Johanne Bertreaux – Strenna –  Costume designer theatre

SEAMS Hand Cream tape measure

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Grainline Design SEAMS Hand Cream

“One of the best hand creams for hardworking hands! Formulated especially for people who work with fabrics, a little goes a long way and it leaves no oils on even the finest fabrics. Fabrics dry out my hands SEAMS Hand Cream sinks in really well and doesn’t mark fabrics”.
Lorraine Cunningham – Grainline Designs, pattern cutting, block making, fashion design, textile product development.

The Pattern Pages SEAMS Hand Cream

SEAMS Hand Cream is an all-in-one beauty cream for hands and nails, and is a favourite among fashion designers, seamstresses, make-up artists and crafters. This hand cream works fast to help mend, moisturise, soften and protect hands and nails leaves no greasy residue. It contains a natural blend of ant-bacterial Fragonia Oil, moisturising Shea Butter, softening Macadamia Nut Oil, Garden Cress to help fade age spots, Keratin to strengthen nails and Glycerine to help heal, enriched with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5.

“We found SEAMS rich and creamy. It smells gorgeous and soaks in and dries super fast, leaving absolutely no greasy residue behind”.
The Pattern Pages Magazine