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Handy Facts

Our hands are on show and in use almost every minute of the day, think what your hands go through in a lifetime! Yet they are too often overlooked and betray our age more than our face.

There are 27 bones, 29 Joints and at least 123 named ligaments in the human hand. Fingers don’t have muscles they are moved by the muscles of the forearm,  and the fingertips have receptors which send messages to the brain.

There are more small nerves in our hands  than any other part of the body, which although gives us a song sense of touch, it also means that if we get a paper cut it will hurt more than on any other part of our body.

The skin on our hands gets thinner with age, and although we cannot stop the signs of ageing, keeping your hands regularly moisturised, wearing gloves especially when hands are in water, and protecting hands from the sun will definitely slow down the signs of ageing.

A young persons strong skin contains loads of collagen and elastin and produces its own hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar complex that keeps moisture in the skin as we reach our 40’s the body decreases production of these substances, the skin on hand which is already the thinnest part of the body starts to look fragile and thin, as we loose the fat padding in our hands the  bones and veins begin to stick out and granny hands begin to take shape,  keeping hands regular moisturised will give them the help they need to keep the skin healthy and looking younger.

Exposure to the elements can cause a condition called elastosis where the skins elastin becomes broken and so the hands become wrinkled, our hands get more sun exposure than our face, and they loose the collagen that keeps them soft and supple, age spots and pigmentation also begins to appear.  Moisturising hands at night even when on holiday is of priority and wearing gloves when working outdoors and gardening will help protect the skin for later years.

Our nails can indicate the state of our health, the colour of the nail and the half moons at the cuticle can identify the quality of oxygen level in the bloodstream and circulation, and vitamin deficiency is evident by brittle nails or pale spotted nails, which is why a doctor will look at your hands at a consultation.
It can take up to six months for a nail to grow from the cuticle to the tip, keeping the nail moisturised will ensure healthy strong nails.

If the cuticle gets damaged it looses moisture from the nail bed and nails will become dry and brittle.

Our hands are also a sign of love, the vein on our wedding ring finger is called Venna Amoris it has a direct line with the human heart and is known as the vein of love.

Yet knowing all of this most of us take our hands for granted! Our hands deserve loving care keep them moisturised, comfortable and slow down the signs of ageing with SEAMS Hand Cream.

The beauty cream that can be used all day long as many times as you need. Especially at night let SEAMS look after your hands whilst you sleep and wake up to soft skin ready for the day ahead.