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Karen J. Meets Tessa Prince

June 13, 2021

I feel hungry just looking at the food creations of Tessa Prince, yet it almost looks too good to eat, time after time Tessa’s hands bring beauty to the freshest of ingredients. I was intrigued to find out the inspiration behind these food masterpieces and the ability to visualise a taste ‘Tessa held a pastry fork before a pencil’ so all the way from the sunny isle of Ibiza here’s Tessa’s story –

You have a very hands on job and are hugely creative – where do you draw your inspiration from? (The truffle looks incredible)
I draw my inspiration from the seasons – although people assume that the produce is just mediterranean sun-soaked tomatoes and aubergines we have very distinct seasons when it comes to fruit and vegetables. It’s a joy to see the wild asparagus and samphire in late winter, nisperos (loquats), wild garlic and rocket in spring, pomegranates, persimmons, carob and figs in Autumn, and obviously the iconic almonds, Sal De Ibiza (sea salt) and citrus trees all year around. It’s literally a foodies’s paradise.

What did you want to be when you are growing up?
I wanted to be a nurse, but I always gravitated towards food, I had a pastry brush before a pencil! Then went to catering college and the rest is history!

Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
I try and get inspiration from all different creatives: Artists, food photographers, interior designers, florists. In terms of food icons – Diana Henry, Gordon Ramsey and there are so many Instagram food bloggers, it’s a close knit community where we all encourage one another.

When creating do you lead with your head or your heart?
Oh good question, I would say heart! I want to bring beauty to the ingredients I’m so blessed to cook with.

The food you create is art and totally unique – how do you keep all your new ideas fresh?
That’s such a lovely compliment. I don’t see my style as unique, but I always intend to make food look natural, beautiful yet achievable. As a chef you can never be complacent or stop learning and i’m always interested in getting tips and ideas from other chefs, nutritionists and of course Mother nature. Also great props and service-ware can tell a story. I was collecting vintage crockery and china in my teens when my girlfriends were buying shoes and handbags!

When you are creating a new recipe do you know what the taste will be like? In much the same way a designer knows what a dress will look like are you able to visualise the taste?
I have a very good idea before I start developing recipes, sometimes it’s a modern take on a classic dish. The use of certain spices, herbs, a squeeze of lemon can totally elevate a dish into something incredible! I have a fabulous new book called Thee Flavour Of Thesaurus which is a great guide to food pairing – its super helpful when developing recipes.

If you could choose 1 person to cook for who would it be?
The Queen! I love her.

Makers and creators can often be bad with balance – how do you practise self care?
Yes indeed but on this paradise island I can easily stay grounded, simply by my daily morning walks on the beach or strolling through the pine forests, it feeds my soul. I’m the resident cook for Soul Adventures Kundalini Yoga run by my dear friend Trish Whelan and we do yoga twice a week with a gong bath sound healing. All of this keeps the vibes high!

What’s the best piece of creative advice you have ever been given?
Probably from my great friend Shirlie Kemp who is an extraordinary stylist and photographer. She encouraged me to show my personality through my food… get people to know the real me!

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You have a very hands on job and are hugely creative – where do you draw your inspiration from? (The truffle looks incredible)


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