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SEAMS Beauty

Our Story

Whilst learning how to make hats at The London College Of Fashion my hands became cut, burnt, sore and very dry. I couldn’t find a hand cream that helped to heal and moisturise that wasn’t greasy to use throughout the day so I created SEAMS. Originally created for seamstresses but now the backstage hand care in Film, TV and a luxury household cream across the UK & USA.

Made In The UK it’s non-greasy, absorbs instantly and with 10 natural ingredients does everything you need, helping to mend, moisturise, soften, soothe, nourish and protect skin, even skin tone and condition nails, fast!

A Biomimetic Lipid Complex made of natural oils helps to lock in moisture and enhance the skin barrier.

Hands are our biggest tool and really show our true signs of ageing, a small crack in the skin can turn into eczema, chapped cuticles let in water and damage the new nail underneath and your hands will age faster! I can promise to make them feel younger, softer, smooth and supple. Regular use of Seams will help slow down the signs of ageing.

Enjoy Seams

Karen J. X Founder