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Behind the SEAMS  

What is Fragonia oil?

In this glorious sunshine it is so important to use Seams hand cream particularly at the end of the day. When it is hot we  loose lots of moisture through our skin, which can leave our hands feeling very dry at night. Our hands are continually exposed to the suns rays, and even if using sunscreen regularly it often has a reduced effect as our hands are constantly in use. For gardeners,  soil dries out the skin and hands can get scratched and sore working with plants. Seams hand cream contains Agonis fragrans branch leaf oil ( Fragonia oil) which can help soothe and mend sore skin. What is Fragonia oil? Fragonia oil is newly discovered from Australia. Fragonia is a wild lignotuberous shrub reaching a height of two and a half meters. It has rigid leaves and small clusters of white petalled flowers with a pink centre. Flowering occurs typically between January and May. Tests in the University of Australia have shown that the  flowers of the Fragonia plant contain powerful anti-microbial agents , and unlike Tea tree which has similar properties the Fragonia plant has a lovely scent. The oil is distilled from the flowers by a process of steam distillation. Seams uses the best of global ingredients which are all blended together in the UK.