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Behind the SEAMS  

Backstage at London Fashion Week

As Autumn/Winter fashions hit the stores, the fashion world is getting ready for the Spring/Summer' 14 catwalk shows, and Seams is giving a helping hand! Seams is honoured to be part of London Fashion Week by making its backstage debut at many of the shows. I was lucky enough to get a quick glance of the  behind-the-scenes buzz normally reserved for designers, models and the rest of their teams. The creative energy oozing offstage is electric and I was in awe watching some of the amazing designs come together. Time is clearly of the essence and SEAMS is playing a big part in the couturiers last minute sewing and stitching, as they need to soften their needle-worn sore hands before they dress the models for the catwalk. They tell me Seams is the only cream to do that without leaving a greasy residue on the fabulous fabrics. Make-up artists too are stashing SEAMS in their kits to help soften the models hands and nails before they hit the catwalk. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for fashion and for SEAMS, so I will be back next week with some more backstage blogging. Until then, have a good weekend! Karen J


Next month is London Fashion Week and some of Britain's greatest designers are getting ready to show their new collections. Specialist sewers and embroiders fill studios around London  bringing fabulous designs to life. Hand beading just one dress can take many days and often nights, so hand ache frequently sets in......slowing down work and causing discomfort. Hands have to be kept in great condition. Which is why Seams now plays a vital part in a fashion designer's atelier room. I recently received some fabulous feedback from Selfridges' Head Seamstress, about how great Seams is for sewers hands. I had sent her some to trial as she couldn't find a way to treat her sore, cut hands. The only time the sewing-induced cut on her thumb ever healed was when she was away on holiday. Yet when she tried Seams whilst at work, the split skin on her thumb began to heal with in a week! I've heard from other designers, dressmakers and sewers saying that they are big fans of SEAMS HAND CREAM too. A common problem with sewers is dry skin so that they often seek to find a good reliable hand cream. Constantly touching fabrics, chemicals and glues also causes skin to dry and crack, leaving hands and fingers prone to snagging the fragile materials. On top of this dozens of daily pin-pricks, cuts from scissors and burns from hot irons make hands really sore and damaged. However no other hand cream helps to solve all of these problems like Seams does, which is what makes SEAMS HAND CREAM so unique and popular! It helps to heal and moisturise dry, sore hands, plus it's non-greasy-but-still nourishing texture sinks into skin straight away! Designers can be fitting a dress on a model minutes before a show and their hands must be smooth, greasy fingerprints are a definite no-no when working with fine materials. Using Seams Hand Cream really does care for hard-working sewers hands, and here's how: THE HAND PROBLEM: CHAPPED HANDS SNAG MATERIALS THE SEAMS SOLUTION : Seams uses Macadamia Nut Oil to help soften and condition cracked areas on your hands so that they are not prone to splitting. Glycerine also helps to maintain moisture levels way so skin stays soft. THE HAND PROBLEM: SPLIT NAILS TEAR FABRICS THE SEAMS SOLUTION: Keratin significantly improves the condition of damaged nails, so that nails grow strong, healthy and smooth. Seams gives them a natural shine too! THE  HAND PROBLEM: CONSTANT WASHING CAUSES DRY SKIN THE SEAMS SOLUTION: Clean hands are vital for crafters, but constant washing in water just dries them out even more. Seams contains Shea butter which is deeply moisturising, soothing and helps promote skin renewal. Fragonia Oil a natural anti-bacterial which helps to keep hands clean. THE  HAND PROBLEM: MOISTURE CAN LEAVE MARKS THE SEAMS SOLUTION: Seams has been developed with a secret non-greasy texture that sinks into the fabric of your skin straight away so there's no risk of ruining delicate materials with greasy fingerprints and stains. THE HAND PROBLEM: PIN-PRICKS AND HOT IRONS MAKE HANDS SORE THE SEAMS SOLUTION: Glycerine which helps to treat burns, minor skin sores and maintain moisture balance; Fragonia Oil which helps to heal with anti-inflamatory properties makes Seams the perfect skin-soother for treating damaged hands. THE  HAND PROBLEM: HANDS ACHE FROM REPETITIVE SEWING THE SEAMS SOLUTION: One of the most common causes of hand aches is caused when performing repetitive work such as sewing ( repetitive strain injury). Taking a couple of minutes massaging Seams into your hands from wrist to finger tips to loosen the joints and encourage blood circulation, paying particular attention to the palms of your hands. So always keep a tube of SEAMS HAND CREAM in your sewing basket and by your sewing machine. Create beautiful things with beautiful hands. Karen J Gerrard    


Aah, summer, what's not to love? Well sorry but summer does actually have some drawbacks, and most of them are to do with our skin. Behind that tan, skin is crying out for moisture and shade. Yet while most of us are quick to try to resolve the damage to our face and body, how many of us actually stop to think about the damage summer is doing to our hands and nails? I have become a little obsessed about the health of my hands and nails, which is one of the many reasons why I formulated Seams Hand Cream. Whilst relaxing on the beach hands can feel hot yet dry at the same time. Here's why... High Temperatures + Sea Breeze = Very dry hands. Sun Exposure + UV Rays = Age spots and wrinkles. Sand + Sea Salt = Dehydrated skin. The salt from the sea dehydrates your skin, whilst the sand exfoliates exposing new skin to moisture loss. SEAMS SUMMER SOLUTION SEAMS HAND CREAM contains special ingredients including: Shea Butter (Bytyrospermum Parkii) - To moisturise very dry skin - help soothe sun burn't skin - soften and calm dehydrated skin - prevent wrinkles and protect hands from the damages of  High Temperatures and sea breezes. Garden Cress (Lepidum Sativum) A powerful skin conditioning antioxidant that helps to prevent and fade age spots, even - out skin tone and reverse the signs of ageing caused by  Sun Exposure + UV Rays. Macadamia nut oil (Macrose Ternifolia seed oil and Rossa Canina oil) - is a great emollient with high levels of vitamin E, which helps to protect and nourish dry skin, restore condition, and slow down the signs of ageing. Macadamia nut oil is great for the nails also, a perfect solution to care for hands after enjoying the Sand and Sea. NOT TO FORGET WATER!  Water is one of your hands biggest 'dehydration' enemies, so all of the swimming and extra hand washing we do during the hot sticky summer makes them suffer. Plus whilst in the evening as temperatures cool, the heat of our bodies evaporates water through our skin, making our hands dehydrated and feeling dry. SEAMS HAND CREAM is full of nurturing ingredients that work fast to care for our hands all year round. Seams helps to maintain moisture levels - nourish nails and cuticles, moisturise skin instantly, reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles and  protect against environmental damage. So, I cannot say enough how important it is to care for your hands at this time of year. While you use sunscreen during the day always make sure you apply SEAMS HAND CREAM in the morning and night to look after your skin in the way a sunscreen cannot..... Happy holidays!

What is Fragonia oil?

In this glorious sunshine it is so important to use Seams hand cream particularly at the end of the day. When it is hot we  loose lots of moisture through our skin, which can leave our hands feeling very dry at night. Our hands are continually exposed to the suns rays, and even if using sunscreen regularly it often has a reduced effect as our hands are constantly in use. For gardeners,  soil dries out the skin and hands can get scratched and sore working with plants. Seams hand cream contains Agonis fragrans branch leaf oil ( Fragonia oil) which can help soothe and mend sore skin. What is Fragonia oil? Fragonia oil is newly discovered from Australia. Fragonia is a wild lignotuberous shrub reaching a height of two and a half meters. It has rigid leaves and small clusters of white petalled flowers with a pink centre. Flowering occurs typically between January and May. Tests in the University of Australia have shown that the  flowers of the Fragonia plant contain powerful anti-microbial agents , and unlike Tea tree which has similar properties the Fragonia plant has a lovely scent. The oil is distilled from the flowers by a process of steam distillation. Seams uses the best of global ingredients which are all blended together in the UK.