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Professional Beauty

Originally created for hardworking hands in a couturiers studio. Seams is launching its hand and nail cream. It uses a blend of Fragonia oil, Shea butter and Macadamia Nut oil to moisturise, plus garden cress to help fade age spots. The formula is designed to absorb fast and deliver long lasting hydration without a greasy residue. September 2013

Knit Today

Seams Hand Cream tried and tested by fashion designers, it helps mend, moisturise and protect hands while leaving no greasy residue. Knit Today October 2013.

Harpers Bazaar

....keep your hands conditioned and your silk and cashmere pristine? Seams Hand Cream a blend of Fragonia Oil and garden cress was invented for a couturier's atelier to soothe seamstresses' skin without leaving a greasy residue on fabrics. Harpers Bazaar October 2013

You magazine Mail on Sunday Beauty Buzz by Bella Blissett

  SEW SOFT FOR HANDS Developed for the needle-weary fingers of couturiers, Seams Hand Cream (£9.50, is the best-kept smoothing secret among models,make-up artists and industry insiders. Source: Daily Mail Online

Beauty Bible

Seamstresses' hands take a beating - but the merest hangnail or flake of rough skin can catch on satin or silk and ruin a garment. No wonder, then, that this cream - created by a former fashion student - is just brilliant for smoothing, softening and protecting hands. Karen Gerrard formulated SEAMS with lashings of botanicals including  Shea butter, Fragonia oil (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial), Macadamia nut oil and garden cress (to help even out skin tone). It's beginning to earn a devoted designer following - but even if you're not big on mending or sewing, it's a wonderful cream, delivering instant - but also long-lasting- moisturisation. And we rather like the couture packaging, too. Source

Alice – allthatslap reviews Seams Hand Cream

Seams Hand Cream - Backstage Beauty Hero I am a huge fan of hand cream - I have to have one to hand at all times, one in my handbag, car, desk, kitchen etc - you get the picture. One thing though - I am picky about hand cream! It has to be effective, of course but also for me it needs to sink in quickly. I can't stand hand creams that are too heavy and greasy and take forever to sink in! Another reason I can't stand it is that, at work I have to handle documents so it's a big no no during the day for me! Seams seems like my perfect hand cream! It's been created by designer Karen Gerrard. Finding a gap in the market she created Seams Hand Cream  - a luxurious, light but effective hand cream to take care of her hands and nails but not get in the way of work! The cream is lovely, a little  goes a long way. It makes my hands feel soft and nourished but true to it's philosophy is not greasy or heavy at all and really does sink in quickly. The cream is one of the best hand creams I have ever used, after trying over 100 hand creams this one really stands out! Read more of the review

Pure Beauty (July 2013)

Seams Hand cream was originally created for a couturiers's studio, and was tested backstage by stylists and models at London Fashion Week A/W 2013. This restorative hand treatment contains Macadamia Nut Oil to soften and improve suppleness, Garden cress to help even skin tone and fade age spots, Keratin to strengthen nails, Fragonia for its anti-bacterial protection and glycerine to help heal sore skin. July 2013

British Beauty Blogger

I’ll put my hands up now and say that when I first saw this hand cream, I was a little underwhelmed. I ummed and ahhed about even reviewing it. But little by little I’ve grown very fond of it. It’s got a lovely, delicate clean-floral scent and a light texture. But most importantly, it was created for working hands rather than vanity, if you like – to properly have a healing effect. Originally developed for couture seamstresses whose busy hands need protecting and healing, the crucial thing about Seams is that it doesn’t transfer to cloth. The texture sinks in so quickly and you can start touching fabric again straight away. I admit I don’t think I’ve ever been caught out by hand-cream hands but even the thought of a black silk dress with greasy finger marks on it makes me shudder. That’s a whole outfit re-plan! But, while it might not be the deal-breaker for everyday folk, it’s found a huge market for back stage at fashion shows where hands get pin pricked, banged, rubbed and generally abused by zipping and unzipping stressy models who have 30 seconds flat to get into an outfit and back out down the runway. Glycerine is the healing active while other actives such as Macadamia, Fragonia (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial) and Shea butter play their part in this backstage secret. I was expecting a massive price tag, but at £8.50 it’s not expensive. You can find it HERE. I know there are millions of crafters, knitters and sewers who’d love this. Source:

Alice Hart-Davis

What is it? Hand cream made for a couturier’s atelier, and it proved such a hit backstage at London Fashion week A/W 2013 that it’s now being released to the wider world.. What’s the USP? Invisible mending for hands and nails: it’s a restorative treatment for hands, with the power to soften skin, lighten age spots and deliver long-lasting hydration. Why the name? Because it’s ‘the ultimate seamstress for your hands’, says the brand. They don’t add, though they might: ‘to stop them coming apart at the seams…’ How new is it? Just launched. I’d try it… As a treat. It’s lovely to use – creamy but sinks in well so doesn’t leave hands greasy, so it’s what they call ‘touch-safe’ when handling fabric — but it’s a fashionably expensive £9.50 for a 50ml tube Source: