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Crafters Hands 2

Seamstresses, quilters, crafters love SEAMS Hand Cream – read why…

Juliet Uzor Winner Of The Great British Sewing Bee

"Oh my I LOVE SEAMS it feels as good as it smells"

SEAMS is the chosen Hand Cream at Sewing Quarter TV channel dedicated to all things sewing and quilting.

Grainline Designs – Pattern Cutting, Fashion Design

" Fabrics dry out my hands SEAMS Hand Cream sinks in  really well and doesn't mark fabrics, a little goes a long way."

The Pattern Pages

"We found SEAMS rich and creamy. It  smells gorgeous, soaks in and dries super fast, leaving absolutely no greasy  residue."

Johanne Bertaux Strenna – Ballet Costume Designer

"SEAMS has sealed my cuticles and smoothed over the nicks and cuts I have from pinning and sewing, it does make a difference. My colleagues and I love it."

Claire- Louise hardy – Great British Sewing Bee

"I'm addicted to SEAMS it's always on my work bench."