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January 31, 2021

Are your hands feeling taught and dry by the end of the day? The cold weather and the drying effects of central heating have brought an xtra burden into the skin of our hands, together with the constant hand washing and sanitising what chance have our hands got to stay in tip top condition without a little help! Here’s my tips to help keep hands soft and supple whilst minimising the spread of germs whilst at home

1. Wear rubber gloves for washing up and housework to protect from the harsh effects of chemicals in cleaning products. Hot water maybe good for getting marks out of dishes but it also strips the oils from your skin. Not only that but grime is full of germs think about that when you are scrubbing to get marks off the sink and bath! The inside of wet gloves is a haven for bacteria if they get wet hang them upside down to dry before using them again. To minimise the spread of germs do not share rubber gloves, buy each member of your family a different colour.

Give your hands a hands

2. Be careful when taking things out of the oven. Be sure to use oven gloves when handling anything hot, don’t grab a tea towel you may get burnt. Sharing gloves can spread germs, buy each member of the family their own.  Like the rubber gloves if they get wet dry them fully before using again. I recommend washing your oven gloves once a week on a quick cycle in the washing machine then drying on top of a radiator. Not only do the outsides get caked with food but hands can be in and out of the gloves many times whilst cooking a meal and often oven gloves are shared.

3. Sometimes forgotten are the handles of the vacuum cleaner, broom and mop. Even if you have been wearing gloves when moping and hoovering chances are you will use the appliances again when bare handed, they can be covered with chemicals and bacteria which transfers onto the palms of your hands. Wipe and sanitise the handles of your appliances regularly,  If all the household are doing their fair share of jobs around the house which I hope they are, then it’s especially important to keep them pristine during this pandemic.

4. Always fully dry your hands, damp hands can become sore. I like to have a roll of paper towels handy in the kitchen, they are more hygienic to use than sharing a family towel.

5. Protect any nips or scratches with a plaster, left open water and bacteria can get in underneath, causing the skin to split further which can eventually lead to eczema.

6. Use a gentle soap to help avoid irritations and wash with warm water, hot water can leave hands feeling dry and sore.

7. Keep nails shorter and square and clean under nails with a nail brush that’s a haven for bacteria.

8. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise at least 3- 4 times a day especially before going to sleep. SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream absorbs instantly and isn’t greasy so perfect for busy hands.

9. Gently smooth SEAMS Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil into cuticles at night to stop them splitting, full of fatty acids this nourishing oil will quickly sink into your skin to soften and smooth. Use alone or as a treatment under SEAMS Hand Cream

10. Take a minute to give yourself a hand massage, rubbing the pressure points in your palm will keep the blood flowing and help to keep hands supple.

11. Regularly drink water at least 1.5 litres a day. Pinch a small piece of skin on the top of your hand and let go if the skin doesn’t quickly bounce back then chances are you are dehydrated. Keeping hydrated will help the skin stay pump and supple.

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