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Change Of Season

October 20, 2016

Gandhi famously said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, meaning it is no use raging against the way the world is, we all have to make changes in ourselves to make the world better.


As much as we may feel we hate change, we do change all the time, with the seasons, with age, in our relationships, and change can be the only way forward when we feel stuck or don’t know what to do next.

As the nights draw closer and the heating starts to come on, we naturally make little changes to be comfortable. Wrapping ourselves in woolly jumpers, blankets on our knees, we leave behind the salads of the summer and start to eat soups and stews. There is something about the winter months that makes us take extra care of ourselves and perhaps take stock of our lives.

Whatever changes you maybe going through, be it a new job, new home, a divorce, through those tumultuous times we can make positive changes to. As they say, ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’.

Taking care of our hands, our skin, our hair and moving more gently we can show ourselves a little love and help us to cope with situations.

The way we hold ourselves can have a huge impact on how we face challenges in life, and our hands say more than any other part of our body. When we are angry or tense, we tend to clasp or wring our hands, we show the backs of our hands when we tell the world we are closed to them. When we are happy or excited we wave our hands openly.

Everyone knows  in job interviews  you should sit confidently, project calm and openness, showing our palms and upturned faces. Our hands are extraordinarily powerful at conveying emotion. a simple touch of a hand can be like a jolt of electricity. We show our support to others with a kind hand by taking someones hand. When we take someones hand in love, in support to help guide someone it is more than just a physical gesture, touch can make a person feel loved and looked after. It is a scientific fact that holding hands comforts and calms.

‘Hands are the landscape of the heart’ start watching peoples hands in a day and see how peoples hand gestures make you think or feel. We give away so much of ourselves by our hand gestures, if we are nervous we may not know what to do with our hands a prime example of this is when we are having our photograph taken. Standing calmly with your hands relaxed at your side conveys confidence and calm to others.

SEAMS Hand Cream is full of natural ingredients to help keep your hands and mind calm and provide moments of peace in your day. There is no limit to how many times in a day or night you can apply hand cream. Lightly scented with SEAMS calming signature scent which helps to balance emotions, and enriched with moisturising and protecting Shea Butter, SEAMS melts into skin within 60 seconds, mending, moisturising and deeply soothing, leaving hands silky-smooth, beautiful and feeling better from the first use.

Let SEAMS calm your skin as well as your mind

Let SEAMS be your constant in a world that is ever changing

Karen J x


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