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The Human Touch

August 27, 2016

We have never been more connected yet disconnected in our digital world of communication, through the touch of a keyboard we can access information and connect to friends and strangers which is fantastic but can that compinsate for the human touch? We live in a busy world but its so easy for some of us to go weeks without being touched.

Nothing beats sitting face to face, talking, and watching a persons hand gestures can bring the understanding to build a relationship in a way emails cannot.

Touch is also important for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Research tells us that a newborn monkey not touched has a lower chance of survival. Touching reduces anxiety simply touching another person can make us feel grounded and safe.

Touch can lower a person’s blood pressure, slow the heart rate and even stroking a pet has beneficial effects.

Holding hands conveys love in a way words could never do. Research shows that more people than ever suffer from ‘Skin Hunger’ people who are deprived of touch are more likely to suffer depression and stress, and to have Alexithymia a condition that impairs their ability to express and interpret emotions. Affectionate contact is necessary for a healthy life.

But nothing is worse than being touched by a dry calloused hand, just a few minutes care with SEAMS Hand Cream throughout the day will give your hands the soft silky touch.

All various kinds of touch from butterfly kisses to massage send our brains the physical messages to make sense of the world. So make sure you take the time to explore different textures and touch sensations, such as letting cool sand run through your fingers.

On Miami beach this summer watching people gradually ‘un plug’ being in the sea with new friends laughing, and building sand holes I was reminded how much connecting in real life is as important as in virtual.

Kindles are great for holidays but for me nothing replaces the feeling of holding a book and turning the pages. Whichever way you choose to read both still dry out the skin on our hands! The heat from a kindle and the porous effects of paper prove that SEAMS Hand Cream is an absolute must in your handbag, on the coffee table, next to your bed.

Our hands need to be looked after more now than ever before with the increased hand-washing, drying effects of anti-bacterial soaps. natural elements and the heat from our digital devices know that when your mobile phone gets hot it is literally burning and drying out your skin!

Whichever way you choose to interact it still always goes back to the human hand that starts the action look after yours with SEAMS Hand Cream

Karen J x

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