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Holding Hands

April 6, 2017

There’s something very special about holding hands, it can affect how we feel physically and emotionally, holding hands in a relationship is commonly associated with feeling good, holding hands to another offers comfort, reassurance, and love, and is also good for your heart in other ways as its known to calm down anxiety and reduce blood pressure. Holding hands is one of the most powerful forms of touch because we have more nerve endings in our hands than any other part of the body.

Touch is the first of our senses to develop and is vital to our development. From a young age we crave the power of touch. When you touch a newborn babies hand it instinctively grabs your back. Our first response as adults is still to grab another hand when in pain, watching horror movies, in times of distress and happiness. When you hold another hands you are stimulating pressure points which relax that person and make them feel cared for.

Holding Hands Baby holds mothers hand

Today in the ever-growing preoccupation with digital media over physical contact we have never been so connected yet disconnected, the contact of holding hands should be encouraged more than ever, as the lack of physical contact can have a longterm negative effect on our emotions and well being. Nowadays couples can often be spotted texting each other whilst out together in  group of people, but a touch on the hand can convey so much more feeing.

How you hold a partners hand is the first step towards bonding, the way you hold hold hands reveals so much about your character and is an important part of any relationship, there is no emoji substitute for the beauty of  touch. Some people don’t like to hold hands because they think its a sign of vulnerability and they are loosing control, or they are unable to relax, whilst others enjoy the simple connection of a tender touch.

How do you like to hold hands? Here’s 7 of the most common hand holds and what they say about your relationship –

Holding Hands Finger GrabFinger Grab – flirtatious, you are both independent, individual people but share a close bond.

enhanced-11042-1438734182-11Relaxed Laced – most confident, caring, trusting with space to caress.

Holding Hands Tight LacedTight Laced – shows a deep connection, and are honest with each other.

Holding Hands Holding a few fingersFinger Hold – shows a reluctance perhaps you need space from your relationship?

Holding Hands - hand on topHand On Top – taking control, being protective.

Holding Hands The LadyMy Lady – seen a lot in wedding photos, a healthy respectful trusting bond.

Holding hands Wrist GrabWrist Grab – This looks aggressive but its actually the most intimate and passionate.

A touch says more than a thousand words, say it with soft beautiful hands

Karen J.

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