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Sew Over It – Karen J. meets Lisa Comfort

June 6, 2018

With the resurgence in craft, over the past decade we’ve seen a boom in the number of people working with their hands – and not just at a keyboard! One of the people promoting this rise is Lisa Comfort, founder of popular fabric shop and sewing pattern company, Sew Over It, as well as her new eponymous lifestyle brand. As a sewer and a lover of all things handmade, Lisa spends a lot of time using her hands. We chatted to her about her love of craft, and why working with her hands is so important to her.

Do you have any problems with your hands?
My hands have always been very dry. With all the air conditioning and central heating these days it’s no wonder really. Lately I’m trying to stay hydrated by drinking lots more water in an effort to improve my dry skin, and hand cream will always be and essential for me.

Do you regularly use hand cream? 
I use hand cream all the time, and have tubes dotted around the  places I know I’ll need it. I always make sure to moisturise my hands before a photo shoot, so I keep a little stash in my cupboard at work.

What is your favourite fabric to work with? 
I need to be able to breathe in my clothes, so I always try to choose natural fibres. I love cotton for everyday, and silk for special occasions. Both of these fabrics iron really nicely which is important to me – I don’t like looking creased.

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When did your love for sewing start? 
I started sewing with my child minder when I was 11, and now I’ve never really stopped. We used to make simple things together after school, and as I progressed through my teenage years I started creating things on my own and became more experimental. Thank-fully not much of my output from back then still exists today! Sewing helped me find and refine my style; It’s been so liberating.

Would you say that sewing has a positive effect on our emotions?
Sewing for me is very therapeutic. It’s been a chance to have a break from life’s stresses. My days are pretty busy, so I really relish the opportunity to spend time getting lost in a project. Like cooking, creating something tangible is always rewarding.


What’s your life quote? 
I don’t have a life quote per se, but I do love the Hoistee Manifesto, which I have hanging in my house. I can see it when I’m lying in the bath, and find it’s always good to have that reminder to live your life your way.

Lisa is the founder of Sew Over It a sewing lover’s haven based in London an online. She posts regularly on her You Tube Channel and can be found hanging out on Instagram at @lisacomfort. Make sure to check out Sew Over it too at @sewoverlondon

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