Sun Dried Hands…

September 7, 2017

Sun dried hands it’s a thing… the summer flies by so fast, wether you take a break for 7 days or 7 weeks the lazy days of summer of having time to read books and catch up on sleep is never long enough.
Whilst you come back body and mind relaxed, your hands can feel extremely dry. We usually associate dry hands during the winter months, but actually hands get just as dry during the summer, it’s just not so noticeable! In the heat our hands feel moist due to the humidity, but its actually the opposite to what you think as your skin is dehydrating from the inside, and if you don’t drink enough water then your skin will start to feel dry and peel. On top of that the sun, salt from the sea and sand dries the skin from the outside, and the air conditioning dries out natural oils from the skin.

Sun Sand & Sea Miami

So it’s as the temperature drops when you are back home that the skin on your hands starts to feel dry especially around the knuckles and cuticles, a small crack in the cuticle will allow water into the nail bed causing nails to weaken and the skin to become itchy, this then causes the skin to crack even further and in extreme cases can lead to eczema.

Applying SEAMS Hand Cream throughout the day will help to mend, moisturise soften and soothe sore skin, prevent age-spots, and protect your hands ready to face the winter months.

Karen J.

SEAMS in your hands


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