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October 20, 2017

More and more of us are picking up a needle and thread and taking our passion for sewing into creating a bespoke wardrobe. With such a massive selection of wonderful fabrics available, its easy to create something unique that matches our own individual personalities and tastes that just couldn’t be purchased in a shop.

Not only that but sewing can be therapeutic –

Sewing Can Be Calming –
Even basic tasks like sewing on buttons have their own rhythm and allow your mind to wander.

Sewing Teaches Patience
Every sewer knows that cutting corners always backfires! Impatience and sewing do not work together I’ve recently come to understand that slowing down and paying attention and taking care ensures that no mistakes are made, and makes sewing an even more pleasurable experience it also stands us in good stead in other aspects of our life.

There’s Always More to Learn
Sewing is such a broad craft that there are many new areas to put your hand to from couture tailoring, embroidery, quilting or appliqué.

Socialising  –
Depending on how you are feeling or what’s happening in your daily life may reflect on how you want to work, there are times when you will want to socialise and work within a sewing group, and there are other times when you just need to be alone and sew quietly in your own home, collect thoughts and recharge from the daily stress.

Or at times you may just want to sew with a sewing buddy and work on a specific item together.

A sewer can get so passionate about a piece they are working on that they may cancel a social arrangement at the last minute to finish their work. Being a partner or friend of a sewer requires an easy going nature.

Whichever way you choose to work, if you give passion, understanding and fun into your stitches the outcome will always be something beautiful.

Get To Visit New Places 
Nowadays there are a vast choice of venues to sew and socialise, there have been cafes such as the Sew Cafe springing up across the UK where you can sew, chat sip coffee and eat cake, more recently pubs have started sewing and knitting sessions to boost much needed revenue and be able to keep their doors open.

Or there are some great sewing classes with experts such as The Thrifty Stitcher from beginners to seasoned sewers – there’s always something new to learn.

The Effects Of Different Fabrics On your Hands –
The reason SEAMS was originally created was to look after seamstresses hands, I was at the London College Of Fashion at a millinery course working with fabrics such as felt, straw and fosshape which together with washing my hands and using hot irons mean’t my hands got cut, burn’t sore and dry. We needed a hand cream to help heal and moisturise whilst not being greasy, I couldn’t find one so created SEAMS.

Working with different fabrics can have different effects on the hands, for example hand sewing tough coarse fabrics such as denim or calico takes a strong aggressive hand, and hands can become painful whereas when creating with a fine fabric such as silk or jersey you will be able to release the pressure and make it a fun relaxed experience.

Sewing With Challenging Fabrics
If you spent time and are used to working with heavy fabrics such as denim, you will know how challenging they can be and the simple tasks of folding and cutting can be difficult and require a forceful grip with strong tension, any hand sewing or embroidery will require long periods of pressure that can cause pain in the nerves of your hand, when making the transition onto working with a finer luxurious fabric, it may take a little understanding to get used to being able to relax the tension and pressure in your hands.

Sewing With A Luxurious Fabric –
We all look forward to working with a fine fabric such as silk or jersey which will be a pleasure to work with and much kinder on the hands.

It’s always good to ask for advice on the way to treat a fabric that you haven’t worked with before, so that you can understand the fabric and how it like to be handled for the best results. There are sewing forums and groups online where you can get instructions from people with hands on experience on the way each type of fabric works.

Once you have learned the best way to care for the new fabric and work with it, the results will be endless.

The Space To Sew SEAMS Hand Cream sewing

Looking After Your Hands
Taking a minute whilst sewing to massage SEAMS into your hands will help keep the elasticity in your skin and calm sore areas. SEAMS will help heal pin-pricks, keep them moisturised and soothed whilst absorbing quickly and not leaving a trace of grease on anything you are working with

Give your hands and fabrics care and create something beautiful

How do you like to sew, what are your hand concerns? Let us know and we can help

Karen J.

Denim and silk

Sun Dried Hands… Turning Up The Heat
Sun Dried Hands…
Turning Up The Heat

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