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Our Hands Are In Water More Than 20 Times A Day!

June 7, 2020

Every time your hands come into contact with water, natural oils and moisture are being taken speeding up the onset of fine lines and saggy skin. The skin on our hands is thinner than any other part of the body so its not surprising that they are the first to show the signs of ageing. On average our hands are in water and detergents at least 20 times a day! Heres but a few –

4x Washing up / filling the dishwasher
1x Laundry
3 x Meals
1 x Coffee breaks
4 x Bathroom
2 x Shower
1 x Housework
4 x Extra hand washing

Then there’s washing hands during crafting, gardening and add in the use of hand sanitiser, our hands really do take a daily bashing.

Just like we often don’t realise how thirsty we were until we drink some water, so we can be unaware of  how dry our hands are becoming until they are sore, chapped and the damage is done.

Using SEAMS daily will help boost moisture and combat the signs of ageing. Don’t wait until your hands feel dry and the damage has already been done, daily use of hand cream helps keep skin in good condion, which means that if your hands do overwork the softness will bounce back quickly after just one use.

It’s also worth following these 6 handy tips

1. Although I always advise to wear rubber gloves when at the kitchen sink or when doing household jobs unless you are a hand model its just not practical to put on gloves every time you want to rinse a coffee mug, or wash some vegetables. Keep the water warm not hot, use mild detergents and make sure your hands are completely dry afterwards its important to stop skin becoming damp which can lead to sore, chapped skin. Oh and if the gloves get wet inside turn them inside out to dry thoroughly before the next use.

2. Cuticles are the first to split when constantly washing, keep any loose skin trimmed back, and use a good cuticle oil twice a day. SEAMS Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil is full of fatty acids to help nourish and soften cuticles, nails and dry patches of skin.

3. If your finger tips are showing white lines then for sure they are feeling dry, massage in some extra hand cream to keep them moisturised. When the tips get dry even using a touch screen on a mobile phone becomes difficult to operate.

4. Keep nails shorter and as square as possible slightly rounded at the sides. Dirt and germs will often stick underneath long nails, pointed nails are more likely to scratch up dirt from any surfaces you are touching. The constant washing of hands can cause water to get under any chips in nail polish again a haven for bacteria to get in.

5. If you are using ant-bacterial gel and it stings chances are you have an area of distressed skin that needs attention. SEAMS was originally created to help heal the pinpricked hands of seamstresses without stinging and will be sure to help.

6. It takes just a couple of seconds to apply hand cream  yet makes a massive difference. SEAMS has been created to absorb instantly and it’s not greasy so the goodness is going straight into your skin and you can carry on quickly with whatever you were doing.

Filled with natural ingredients such as Macadamia Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter and a Biomimetic Lipid Complex you can apply SEAMS as often as you like during the day and before you go to sleep to help look in moisture.

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