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How To Keep Your Hands Clean & Soft – Hand Washing Tips

April 3, 2020

With all this extra hand washing and sanitising hands are getting extremely dry, we should be washing our hands like this anyway, so here’s how to keep hands clean & soft –

Wet your hands first then add soap and work into a lather rubbing your hands together.

Interlace your fingers and then with your thumb massage in between finger.

Work your way over and around each finger and don’t forget your thumb the outside edge often gets left out and thats the part that has the most contact when on a keyboard, picking something up, turning  a page…

Rub the tops of your hands together paying special attention to your knuckles.

The don’t forget you wrists, they lean on a table when we are at our desks and we often rub our wrists with our hands.

Dry with a paper towel and then use the edge of the paper towel to turn off the tap so as not to pick up any germs.

Make sure your hands are fully dry, damp hands can cause the skin to chap and also will be more porous to any dirt.

Moisturise well, SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream absorbs instantly its not greasy so you can carry on with whatever you need to do.

Fingertips are usually the first to become dry this can reduce the sensitivity when using touch screens, if white lines are appearing be sure to massage in some extra hand cream.

Keep nails shorter and file to a  square, the underneath of our nails can become a dirt trap!

If  you have any loose bits of skin around your cuticles, do not pull on it but trim it back gently with some nail scissors.

If  your hands sting when using an antibacterial gel it could mean that the skin is beginning to chap. Split skin lets in bacteria and can be cause for infection. To help prevent this happening  use Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil as a treatment under SEAMS Hand Cream at night before you go to sleep.

Regularly clean any nail tools, keeping nails scissors sanitised is crucial to stop the spreading of any bacteria or

Be Safe – Be Well

Karen J.

HANGING OUT ON SEWING STREET Our Hands Are In Water More Than 20 Times A Day!
Our Hands Are In Water More Than 20 Times A Day!

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